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Frequently Asked Quentions

For Seller

NYUNNIE.COM deals with a variety of K products, including K cosmetics, food, fashion, POP goods, and pet supplies. All products are shipped within the United States.

NYUNNIE.COM is currently operated by flux8, an Amazon logistics specialist. flux8 provides a comprehensive export-import service for domestic sellers, including Amazon warehousing, online platform warehousing, storage, fulfillment, product categorization, shipping/storage tracking, and return services. It is scheduled to operate independently from 2024.

KPRODUCTs are highly popular items in the United States, not only among Korean expatriates but also among all Americans. Additionally, the opening of NYUNNIE.COM aims to help domestic sellers diversify their sales channels, reduce fees, and enhance efficient inventory management as the number of flux8’s domestic sellers continues to grow. It is also launched to assist many new Korean product sellers in conquering the U.S. market.

Amazon and large platform sellers utilizing NYUNNIE.COM can not only sell their existing inventory on Amazon but also expand their sales channels by joining NYUNNIE.COM. Moreover, new sellers aspiring to enter the U.S. market can enjoy benefits such as reduced entry fees, discounted storage fees, and free advertising.

Currently, NYUNNIE.COM utilizes warehouses in the western and eastern regions to provide customers with a 3-day delivery service. This ensures swift and efficient delivery.

In 2024, a new warehouse will be established in the central region, introducing a 2-day delivery system. This expansion aims to offer even faster and more efficient services to customers nationwide. With the implementation of the new system, delivery times will be shortened, enabling quicker product receipt.

Listing products on NYUNNIE.COM may result in similar products appearing on Amazon or other major platforms. However, recent anti-monopoly laws prevent Amazon or other platforms from causing any disadvantages even if the same product is sold at a lower price on different sites. These anti-monopoly laws promote price manipulation prevention and fair competition, supporting competition among various online platforms and providing consumers with diverse choices.

NYUNNIE.COM complies with these laws and strives to provide the best customer experience through its unique competitive strategies and customer-centric services. If you have any additional questions or opinions, please feel free to let us know.

Order & Payment

After order has been made, you are not able to cancel if it has already shipped. Once order has been placed, you will have to return the item under the terms of our returns policy.

No, you can’t change your payment method once your order has been placed. If you want to make changes to your payment method after order has shipped, please return the product and place an order again with your desired payment method. You will receive the refund for the returned item.

Please check your email again for the order confirmation within 2 hours after placing an order. Please also check your spam folder. If you don’t get your confirmation email within 24 hours, the payment is most likely still pending, this means that your order still hasn’t been confirmed. If that is the case, we advise you to check your bank statement, Paypal account or credit card statement.

Our popular products sell out fast, so it’s best to grab them before they’re gone. We always keep our range up to date, but we don’t always restock most products during the season. You can always inquire one of our vendors.

We offer the following payment methods:
PayPal, and Credit Card (Mastercard, American Express and Visa).

Track & Shipping

You can obtain the status of your current orders under your Profile. If you find a tracking number, then you know your order has shipped and you can use this number to lookup tracking information.

Unfortunately, we are unable to change the service level of your order once the package has already been shipped.

If you find that you have entered the incorrect address after completing the order, please contact our Customer Service team as soon as possible with your order details and your correct address information.

If your product is delivered damaged, it can be exchanged or returned within a certain time frame. Please contact our Customer Service team for a replacement or refund.