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Hanolle Jeju Shrimp Ramen 68g x 6

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Allergy Info Contains soybean, wheat, shrimp
Manufacturer Olle Badang
Origin Wanju-gun, Jeollabuk-do
Ingredients Cotton: Potato starch (Germanic acid), flour (domestic acid), palm oil (malaysia acid), modified starch, gluten, edible oil and milk products, burning melt salt, acidity regulator, guar gum, noodle additive alkali (potassium carbonate, sodium carbonate, sodium pyrophosphate), vitamin B2 powder soup: vegetable container cotton powder soup (purification) Salt, spicy key base, white sugar, maltodextrin, soy sauce base D-200, white sugar special soup: bark shrimp bag (salt 100% Jeju)/gundo soup: dried red pepper (domestic), dried shiitake mushroom (domestic), dry seaweed (domestic), dried seaweed (domestic), dried carrot (carrot (domestic), dried carrot (domestic), sugar

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[Olleba Party] Han Olle Jeju Shrimp

Hanola Jeju Shrimp is a premium shrimp cup ramen that allows you to enjoy the sea in three minutes with a chewy potato noodle with fresh Jeju shrimp.

Manufactured Environment

Shrimp caught in Jeju Island, which is blessed with natural beauty

All of the shrimp in Hanolle’s Red Shrimp Ramen are genuine Jeju Shrimp from the clean seas of Jeju.

Manufacturing Process

Roasting tea bag containing the original deep flavor of shrimps

Inspired by roasting coffee beans, carefully selected fresh shrimps that are rich in nutrients and have a rich broth taste, steamed for 5 hours, dried for 12 hours, crushed to an appropriate size, and vacuum roasted to remove odors, perfect for tea bags. They are filled with the rich flavor of the shrimp.

Premium Ingreidents

Fresh prawns caught in clean Jeju and domestic vegetable flakes

Shrimp, an indispensable ingredient in Jeju’s gourmet seafood broth, was carefully selected and caught on Jeju Island. In addition, spicy domestic red pepper powder was added to add a sense of spiciness, and fresh domestic vegetable flakes were added to complete the delicious taste of Jeju Ramen.

11 reviews for Hanolle Jeju Shrimp Ramen 68g x 6

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    쟁여놓고 먹기 좋아요. 약간 매운 편이고 새우맛이 단백해요.

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    단백한 새우맛에 건강한 얼큰 국물 맛입니다. 한박스 쟁여놓으니 든든~

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    인공감미료를 싫어하는 제가 좋아하는 컵라면 딱새우 맛도 진하고 매콤해요

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    잘받았아요. 대박나세요

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    국물이 시원한 느낌이라 좋아요

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